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Featured Artist

I waited for Makeal Flammini in the lobby of the posh lower east side Milwaukee Hotel. She had just called from her cell and in a breathy, sexy voice said, "Traffic is, like, totally jammed the fuck up," and that she would be a few minutes late. I ordered a drink and started reviewing all the question I wanted to ask her. A few moments later she bursts through the doors in a  whirlwind of young sophistication and knowledge beyond her years.....

The woman in the Margaritaville beige button down, with the black eye, the long red frizzy hair is waving her hands in the air and sing-songing into the microphone about skin cancer and how the piano players instrument carrier resembles a coffin. Moments later she grabs her saxaphone and awkwardly dances around the perimeter of the pool weaving in and out of expressionless unimpressed seniors barely looking up from their Danielle Steele novels. She pauses in front of an old man with an oxygen tank, bermuda shorts, and uncontrollable trembling hands and begins to dry hump the air in front of him.

There is no indication as to weather or not he is enjoying this. He just eats his potato chips motionless and her sizable cargo panted hips thrust back and forth back and forth in front of his pool chair.

JoAnn Riedl's deep, aggressive vocals and percussive, dirty, rock-guitar style hail from Milwaukee, WI.

"If you're feeling a little fed up with the man lately, the politically charged anthems of JoAnn Riedl may be just what you need to stoke the fires of your own personal anarchy. Known for an on-stage intensity that rivals that of any all out punk rock show, Riedl takes acoustic to a new level. Take a serious 'turn to the left' and check out her next performance."
-Brian Barney, Milwaukee, WI - Shepherd Express

Playing live since 1998, Riedl has performed solo, and with the backing bands Kicked Out Scout, the Relief, and is a front woman for The Barrettes.


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