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Broad Vision

Broad Vocabulary is dedicated to independent publishing and artistry and committed to “do it yourself” ethics. Because corporate chains lack a sufficient variety of rare and specialized feminist and progressive literature, Broad Vocabulary offers a diverse and complete selection. Such selections include but are not limited to: United States and global women’s history, radical sociopolitical movements (Queer, anti-racist, animal rights, etc.), women’s and gender-variant health, and non-sexist children and youth literature.

Additionally, we provide a safe and accessible space for established community organizations and potential store-operated groups, created based on local interest and demands. Broad Vocabulary is also committed to hosting sliding scale or free-of-charge events featuring book and poetry readings, lectures, workshops, local art, music and other performances.

Original Broads

Molly Tennessen - Co-Founder has been active in the feminist community for many years. She was co-president of the College Feminists and extended her politics off campus when the Pirate Cheerleaders emerged.

She graduated from UW-Milwaukee where she majored in Women's Studies and Broad Field Social Studies.

Some of Molly's favorite things in the world are old movies, Bitch Magazine, and pugs. Molly really doesn't like recent mainstream movies, small children in large groups, or football games on TV.

Amy Daroszeski - Co-Founder got her start in activism and feminism at UWM, where she spent 3 1/2 years as Co-President of the College Feminists, as well as co-officer of the Rainbow Alliance. From there, she received her degree in English Education and now teaches English at Rufus King High School in Milwaukee.

She recently finished her Masters degree from UWM in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on queer pedagogy.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing, playing guitar, reading Bitch Magazine, and watching re-run sitcoms like Roseanne and The Golden Girls. Amy does not like George W., war, and e-mails that profess a friend’s gratitude to their best friends, god, and shopping, and then puts a curse on you when you don’t send it to at least 10 other people.


Kelly Todd - Co-Founder received her B.A from UW-Milwaukee in 2003. She graduated with a double major in Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies and double minored in History and L.G.B.T Studies. While in school, Kelly participated in several feminist groups. She was a co-president of the College Feminists at UWM, a member of the Pirate Cheerleaders, a Planned Parenthood escort, and a Youth Advisory Board Member at Project Q. She recently moved to Spain.

Kelly loves Bitch Magazine, dictionaries, the Daily Show, Dolly Parton, flamboyance, Great Lakes, ghosts, homemade, Judith Butler, kitties, Madonna, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Milwaukee, Silence of the Lambs, summer, Tina Turner, Trivial Pursuit, vegans, wine, and words.

Kelly hates lots of things. Some items that top her list are: apathy, condescension, emotional displays, enemies of fun, gum chewing, hierarchies, high fives, social obligations, and waiting.

Bethany Vannest - Store Manager is a recent graduate of UW-Milwaukee with degrees in English and women’s studies. She currently enjoys serving food to people at Comet Café and serving feminist books to people at Broad Vocabulary. Her future dreams include going to graduate school and having an organized spice rack.

Bethany likes purring cats, NPR, and the Riverwest Co-op. Bethany dislikes gin, excuses, and the phrase "hot and heavy." Her current guilty pleasure is watching America’s Next Top Model. If you think she really feels guilty about it, though, you’d be wrong.

Second-Generation Broads

Jennifer Morales - Co-Owner is a mom, a writer, a freelance editor, activist, and sometime public servant. She has a passion for intuitive cooking, enthusiastic recitations of political poetry, and people who are nice to each other for no reason. She’s a synesthete and a Sunday school teacher and has a freakish knack for rodent chiropractic and dog massage.

Tina Owen - Co-Owner is not as fun as Jennifer. She likes margaritas with salt, sock monsters and Rapunzel dark chocolate with hazelnuts. In her spare time, she teaches high school English and the occasional gym class, just for a new challenge.

P.S. from Jennifer: Tina is too as fun as me; she’s just shy.

Design Team

Eva Lam - Resident Nerd is responsible for updates to the Broad Vocabulary website. She graduated in 2006 from Rufus King High School, where she was in Amy Daroszeski's freshman English class. She is now a sophomore at Harvard studying the fine arts of relocating cereal from the dining hall and sticking it to the man.

Eva appreciates good conversation, good coffee, and people who do not recline their seats on airplanes. She dislikes Mitt "Varmints" Romney and the gender binary. She spends her free time promoting the homosexual agenda.


Ashley Altadonna hates writing bios about herself, but can't refuse a request from the lovely ladies at Broad Vocabulary. She is the director/producer/star of a short film entitled "Whatever Suits You", an action-packed film about sewing and self-discovery. She likes the smell of vinyl, be it records or boots. She is a member of Milwaukee's Femme Mafia. She likes banging out noise on her six-string. She can be found at Broad Vocabulary's Short Stories bookclub!

Merideth Kruse is a graduate student in Modern Studies in the English department at UWM. Lately she's been in love with sushi, torqued ellipses, and queer theories of time and space. She lives in Bay View with her partner Drew, and the other night she dreamed of kayaking on the lake. Maybe this summer?

Makeal Flammini's (and she is Makeal Flammini so she would know) Grandma called her this morning to yell at her. Her Grandma contended that Makeal Flammini called her late Wednesday night to "mock" and "insult" her. Makeal Flammini never even called her Grandma on Wednesday night and can't believe her cute grandma, who is only 5 or so feet tall would accuse her of this. Makeal Flammini told her grandma that she loved her and would never do that. Makeal Flammini's grandma said she thought maybe she had had too much to drink. Makeal Flammini is shocked that her grandma would think she was a drunk-dialing wastoid capable of prank phone calling her 80-year-old grandmother at 8:30 on a school night.

Makeal Flammini hasn't really done anything noteworthy enough to be mentioned here aside from being kicked out of art school, for taking photographs of her professors lawn, after he told her that he, "didn't feel anything" when he looked at her work. She is fully convinced that he felt something after.

Makeal Flammini lives in a beautiful Milwaukee apartment with her Best Friend In The Whole World where they speak in secret languages and whiten their teeth together.

Makeal Flammini can't believe you read all of this, and wants you to know that she loves you very much.

P.S. Makeal Flammini hates people who refer to themselves in the third person and she wants you to know that her grandma believes her.


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